Tips for long lasting furniture

Synthetic rattan of Nature corners have special features more than natural rattan in both color and pattern. Our synthetic rattan is manufactured in our factory. It is made with HDPE (High-density polyethylene), which makes our rattan soft but flexible and durable against external forces, include UV resistance, durability in all weather — extreme heat as well as extreme cold. Also important is the fact that it allows more convenience of furniture care while being an environmentally-friendly material. The following information is a must for those who are interested in wicker furniture.

Cleaning method for Nature corners furniture

Easy to cleaning
– Use feather duster or soft brush to wipe off dust or filth
– Wash with clean water and wipe until completely dry

For heavy stains:

Dip a piece of soft cloth or clean sponge in mild soap water. Wipe over stained areas, wash off with clean water, wipe dry with a piece of cloth or leave it out in an airy area or in the sun.

Caution!!: Do not use chemicals with Nature corners furniture.

FAQs :

  • What is the difference between natural rattan furniture and synthetic rattan furniture?- Synthetic rattan of Nature corners which the special features more than natural rattan in both color and pattern. Also we can customize for customer’s special requirement. The rattan is also composed of other factors to make it UV tolerant; retaining its vibrant color over years of use in extreme weathers. it is also easy to clean and environmentally-friendly. The additional properties of Nature corners furniture allow for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • What to do when normal cleaning method is not sufficient to handle dirty party stains on rattan furniture?-To avoid major cleaning, a feather brush or a piece clean cloth should be used to brush or wipe furniture clean on a daily basis. This is to prevent heavy stains from penetrating into the furniture.
  • Where can Nature corners furniture be used?- Nature corners furniture can be put in any place and can withstand any weather condition. They can be placed indoors, outdoors, and near a swimming pool.
  • Is your Nature corners furniture environmentally friendly?

    -Sure! Our furniture are made from non-toxic compounds and are completely recyclable. In contrary to most types of outdoors furniture which is made from synthetic materials, our all-weather weave rattan furniture does not release any toxins in the soil or groundwater after it is discarded and is produced with both Eco-friendliness and energy efficiency in mind. In addition, it helps reduce the pressure on natural rattan which in turn reduces illegal logging and forest degradation due to unsustainable rattan harvesting.

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